Day 5: Anxiety Challenge: Play loud music and dance.

This one is great timing too, as on Saturday nights my kids take turns “DJing”. We turn down the main lights, turn on “mood” lights, hook up their iPad to the amp and speakers, arrange the cushions so they are comfy, and settle in. We call it “The Flamingo Club”, for reasons the photo will make clear.

The music may be relaxing “lounge” music, or may be techno, or anything in between. The important part is that the kids get to show us what music they like, and we all have a good time.

So, tonight was a “loud music and dancing” night at The Flamingo Club”.

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  1. I used to love nothing more than to close the curtains and dance. I’m very uncoordinated so I can’t dance with any kind of rhythm, but it made me feel happy. 🙂

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