Day 6: Anxiety Challenge: No Social Media

Does WordPress count as social media?! I don’t know. Maybe technically it does. I’ve been trying to avoid social media so this challenge is not too onerous. Not saying I’ll achieve 100% success, as I do like reading other people’s blogs etc. But I’ll try.

I do want to cut down on the amount of “screen time” I do. I do tend to over rely on screens to an extent as they are very good at distracting me from physical pain. They provide education, information, and connection to. But I really need a better balance and to add more activities to my life. I’d love to do more things like knitting but find my hands hurt too much.

I’m thinking of getting back into baking. It’s also something the kids enjoy too. There’s something very therapeutic about mixing and kneading and rolling dough. Plus yummy treats when we’re done!

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