Less Waste 2019: Wasting Brainspace aka App review: Any.do

Due to things like executive dysfunction, it seems I have the memory of a sieve. I try to keep track of what I need to do, buy, write etc as storing it in my head means other things get forgotten. So many lists in my brain taking up space. I had been using a BulletContinue reading “Less Waste 2019: Wasting Brainspace aka App review: Any.do”

When Autism Parents “Vent”

Eve Rieland is autistic and has a blog. A lot of it consists of screenshots of people acting like dicks towards autistic people. Her latest one, which you can read here has caused something of a shitstorm. Basically, there is a closed Facebook group called “The UGLY side of severe autism”. The parents who postContinue reading “When Autism Parents “Vent””