30 Days of Autism Acceptance: Days 28, 29

Day 28: Dealing with meltdowns This is such a personal thing that I can’t really write a general post about how to deal with meltdowns. I suppose try and identify the triggers and signs of an oncoming meltdown and do what you can to about them? Once the meltdown has started, I tend to takeContinue reading “30 Days of Autism Acceptance: Days 28, 29”

Autistics of Ireland: Elaine Bounce

1. Describe yourself.  I’m Elaine, I’m a 46 year old Irish female diagnosed autistic in 2015 from Dublin living in South Kerry. I am an artist, mosaics are my passion but I also make sound art.  I love cats and have 3, love kites,  have 5 this relaxes me and can be a great deContinue reading “Autistics of Ireland: Elaine Bounce”