Autistics of Ireland: Michelle Mc Âû

Q1: Describe yourself

A1..about me

my name is michelle Mc  û

i am mum to an autistic teen..

i am also a step mum and a gran to 6 grandkids.. …

i love star wars,harry potter,art,science fiction,dinosaurs,horror movies,alien theories…history …

my fave colour is red…

i love all types of music and dancing…

i love tattoos also as i have 2 ….one of a dolphin with my name underneath as i love dolphins and the other is a tribal rose design …

i have been an autistic advocate for the past 6 years…..

i have parent support groups on facebook as well as a page for autistic teens…..

i also admin a few other support groups on facebook

i have a group dedicated to my fave boy band A-ha…..i’ve been a fan for 34 years

Q2: How and When Did You Realise You Were Autistic

A2…… realising i am autistic….

when my son was diagnosed

i didn’t know much about autism unfortunately at the time so i read loads of books trying to understand autism and him

when he was 10 i joined facebook and got to know more about autism and the worldwide view of it….

it was mentioned to me during the next few years during the MMS campaign that i was part of that i might be autistic and i started thinking about the possibility that i was….

i did the online autism quiz a few times and all times i passed the tests and it’s then i realised and accepted that i am autistic…

it explains a lot about me and how i was as a child,teen and now and how i am who i am because i am autistic

Q3: What Advice Would You Give Your Childhood Self

A3….i would tell my young self not to worry about what

other people think of you that it’s ok that friends are hard work and you don’t need to copy them just to fit in

not to be afraid to try new things

not to give up if things go wrong

…….to take each day and live it to the fullest

…….don’t dwell too much on the past

…….be true to yourself always

…….be kind to yourself always

…….you deserve to be happy and be loved for you..

…….you are strong and will do good things

Q4: What Do You Want People To Know About Autism?

A4..autism and what i’d like people to know

….been autistic makes you think deeply about life

….autism helps you feel deeply for people…in fact we emphatise so deeply it’s like we can almost feel the other person’s pain….

….autism is unique to each autistic person..we are all different

…..autistics would probably make this world a better place to live….

i’d recommend reading franks ludwig’s wonderful book about his life and autism and his wonderful poems

there are so many wonderful autistic ladies and yes some of us are mothers too……

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