The case for Âûgust for Autistic Pride

As June comes to a close, I thought I’d write about the problem I have with Autistic Pride Day being in June, and make a case for August for Autistic Pride Month, and specifically August 8th for Autistic Pride Day. Autistic Pride Day was first established by a group called Aspies for Freedom. They hadContinue reading “The case for Âûgust for Autistic Pride”

A blog post a day keeps the doctor away?

I’ve been wanting to make it a habit to write a blog post every single day. I have attempted this before, mainly in the form of various “challenges”. But as can be seen with the Anxiety Challenge and the EDS Awareness Month Challenge, I find this…well…challenging. Downright stressful, to be honest. The pressure of keepingContinue reading “A blog post a day keeps the doctor away?”

Thank You to my fellow Bloggers

I no longer use Twitter. I only use Facebook to promote this blog, and hardly even do that. I had thought that I don’t use social media at all, until I realised that social media includes blogging and the “Blogosphere”. Unlike keeping a journal, blogging isn’t a solo sport. It’s not a solitary event. (UnlessContinue reading “Thank You to my fellow Bloggers”