More Autistic Mice….or are they just full of shit?

I no longer read articles about “autistic mice” but my husband read one today and he had such a great insight that I feel compelled to share.

The study was where they took some “autistic” poo and gave some mice fecal transplants of it and the mice then displayed “autistic” behaviours such as being withdrawn and less sociable.

And my husband pointed out that he’d be withdrawn and less sociable too if someone shoved a whole load of poo into him!

On a more serious note, even though the researchers admit they don’t know the reason for the changed behaviour, we all know the quacks are going to take this study and use it to “prove” autism is caused by parasites and that we should “cure” it by shoving bleach up autistic asses.

So, not only is it a massive waste of money that could be going to directly help autistic people who are living in poverty right now, it has huge potential for harm. But that won’t stop further studies like this. Because “autism researchers” need studies to do or they won’t get paid.

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