Book Review: Rush of Blood by Heather Shahan

I was so happy when this book was released as it’s a sequel to Burn the Ashes, which I reviewed here.. I was really looking forward to learning how Peony and her friends were doing, as I felt a real affinity with them.

I wasn’t disappointed. Though it took me a little while to remember who was who and how their stories had left off, it was an easy yet gripping read. And although it was clearly written for the teenage market (as was the previous book in the series) with its glossed over sex scenes, I have never let that stop me reading any book. As a child I read many “adult theme” novels and as an adult I delight in teenage/young adult ones.

And yet, the books in this series touch on many serious themes, such as the brutality of people towards those who are different. And not all of the characters make it out alive.

And now I wait with bated breath for the next novel in the series….

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