Autistic Pride Picnic 2019

Yesterday was Autistic Pride Day 2019, and my local autism charity arranged an Autistic Pride March and Picnic.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the march and were a little late to the picnic but that’s just life. There weren’t a huge number of people at it, but as it was the first ever Autistic Pride Picnic in Galway that was to be expected. I’m sure there’ll be more at it next year.

We brought our own picnic blanket and some food and mainly just sat chatting to old friends, and some new ones too. The charity provided mini cupcakes with edible infinity symbol icing. We were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone the whole time. And the whole affair was very mellow and low key and that suited me just fine.

The highlight for me was holding and admiring two snakes that a fellow autistic brought with them. I learnt so many fascinating facts about snakes (their special interest?!) and entertained the possibility of maybe owning one some day.

All in all a very enjoyable time!

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