Why I’m not part of The Autism Community

I often hear talk about The Autism Community. And it used to confuse me. Because non-autistic parents and professionals would often spout about things “on behalf of The Autism Community” and often support opinions that I and other autistic folks are vehemently against. Like PFL, ABA, functioning labels, Autism $peaks etc. And I came toContinue reading “Why I’m not part of The Autism Community”

Galway International Arts Festival 2019

Most years I try to go see one of the Big Acts at the Festival Big Top during the GIAF. In previous years I’ve seen Madness, Blondie, Elvis Costello, Chic etc. This year, however, the line up didn’t include any band worth the incredible effort it would have taken me to attend. Most years IContinue reading “Galway International Arts Festival 2019”

Cheers to the Militants. I salute you.

I consider myself outspoken in my autistic advocacy. At least, here on my blog. In other fora I prefer to listen rather than comment. But I have friends who do comment. Who don’t let words like “disorder” or “symptoms” in reference to autism go unchallenged. They say the things I want to but I’m tooContinue reading “Cheers to the Militants. I salute you.”

My Story by William Scott

Some opponents of the Neurodiversity Movement complain about how it doesn’t include what they deem to be “low functioning” autistic people. That is, intellectually disabled autistic people who don’t speak. And yet, I have yet to read anything in any of their blogs written by those they feel are left out. We’re not the onesContinue reading “My Story by William Scott”

“Autistic people are intelligent”

I was at a meeting yesterday with a few other autistic people. One young man was there with his father. This man communicated using a letter board, which his father held for him and his father read out the letters and then the resulting sentences. We were asked what groups of people need to knowContinue reading ““Autistic people are intelligent””