Re-organizing the library room.

I’m very very fortunate to live in a house with enough room for a library. It’s one of my favourite rooms, but it’s also a bit of a mess. So I’ve decided to declutter it and re-organise it, taking into account that my kids are no longer little and so some of the little kid toys and books can go.

Also we now have quite a collection of board games and art and craft materials that need suitable storage areas.

Plus the shelves were getting dusty and it had never occurred to me before to actually dust them. I really need to get more on top of dusting as I’ve quite a bad dust allergy. (Another thing that crept up on me over the years)

I had thought about organizing the books according to topic. Fiction on one wall, perhaps, and non-fiction on the other. Further subdivided into genres or topics. That may happen eventually but it’s too much for now.

So right now I’m just removing what I can, moving things around, being more efficient with the available space. A work in progress but at least it is progress.

And hopefully when it’s done I’ll be able to keep it tidy.


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