Autistic Zebra Facebook Page

I’ve had a Facebook page linked to this blog since the very start. However, it was set up to just automatically link to new blog posts from here, and not much else. I haven’t even really checked to read any comments or reply to them.

The main reason for this is that I try to avoid Facebook, for mental health reasons. But to access the Autistic Zebra page, I was having to go there via my personal profile. And there was always the fear that seeing my feed would suck me back in.

So now I’ve downloaded the Pages Manager. This allows me to bypass my personal Facebook entirely.

Hopefully this will make my Autistic Zebra Facebook page easier for me to access.

I plan on doing more with my page. Things like polls and memes and fun stuff that’s more interactive than this WordPress blog.

I’ve already created my first poll on it, asking about the experiences of autistic children in schools (ahead of a blog post I want to write on the subject.)

So, if you’re still using Facebook, you might want to go give the Autistic Zebra page a “like”.

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