Children can understand “difficult topics” better than you think.

My son and I were on one of our nightly walks last night. Out of the blue he said to me “you know, when you think about it, we have a good life and a lot of it is down to luck. Because we don’t have black skin we don’t have to face racism”.

I told him this is called “white privilege”.

We then talked about other areas of privilege he had. Like male privilege. He has always hated the fact that 50% of people automatically have privilege that the other 50% don’t have. I decided not to correct him on exact numbers if you factor in non-binary genders etc. Not that he wouldn’t understand but he doesn’t like having his flow interrupted when he’s on a good rant. He absolutely hates gender divisions based on clothing for example and will express this very loudly in clothing stores!

So we had a great chat about privilege, about intersectionality, and all that “difficult” stuff.

And I thought back to when I tried to discuss these same issues with grown men. And got shouted down and blocked.

It’s just pure ageism to think that we can’t have these conversations with our children. We can, and we should. And I’m glad I did.

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