On Halloween and November and New Beginnings.

Oíche Samhna, or Haloween, literally means the Night of Samhain, or November. Samhain is the Celtic New Year and also the whole first month of their year. November is traditionally my most-hated month. I even wrote a Blog post about how much I hate it. It’s so cold and dark and depressing and when IContinue reading “On Halloween and November and New Beginnings.”

You’re on your own babe.

That’s what my brain tells me anyway. That, really, despite all the talk, nobody actually gives a damn. Social chit chat is all very well. But, really? Really and truly and deeply, you’re on your own. The world mostly consists of what we call in Irish (with a twist of English) “mé féin-ism”. Myself-ism. TheContinue reading “You’re on your own babe.”