I’m not a morning person.

This morning I woke up (or, rather, was woken up) at 10am. Which is hardly the crack of dawn or anything. And I looked around with dismay at the State of the House and decided to Do Something About It.

I got the dishwasher emptied and then pretty much collapsed. Serves me right for trying to do things less than an hour after waking up.

Because, most mornings, I’m like a zombie when I wake up. I need at least an hour of doing nothing more taxing than making and drinking my morning cup of coffee. Scroll through my phone. Play solitaire. Maybe chat to my husband. But only light subjects. Nothing that requires coherent answers.

If there’s a Big Thing on in the morning, eg flights, medical appointments, that conference next March, then what I do is set an alarm and wake up earlier. So I still get an hour of sitting around doing nothing. Though that often ends up being less than an hour as nerves and adrenaline kicks in.

But on a “normal day”? Nope. Lesson learnt. I need to just sit here a little while longer. Kinda impressed I managed to write this blog post actually. I guess writing is something I can do even as a zombie!

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