#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 6: New Dress

I like wearing dresses. I find them very comfortable to wear and like to stim by swirling and spinning in them. My favourite dresses are normally from New Look. So when I noticed they had an online sale with lots of dresses I had to buy one. It’s a wrap dress, which is great because I can tie it really tightly and that feels great. And it’s medium length which means it’s not too long as I’m short and really long dresses look silly on me. But best of all it’s zebra print!!! The material is ok. Not the softest but I’ll be wearing something under it anyway. And the elastic on the sleeves is annoying but not enough to return it.

I normally like to try on clothes before I wear them. But on this occasion the sale was just too good to pass up and it worked out fine.

I hate taking selfies but here’s an attempt at one in my new dress!

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