#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 61: Self Care Reflections

So here it finally is: Day 61. I’m proud of myself for only missing one day of posting. Making a commitment and actually following through on it, but without beating myself up if it’s not a perfect record, is an act of self care. I’m proud of all the little things I’ve done for myselfContinue reading “#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 61: Self Care Reflections”

#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 59: Latin

When I have a few minutes to myself, I often spend a few minutes using Duolingo. I use it to brush up on languages I am fluent in, like Irish and Turkish, to improve my knowledge of languages I really should know better, like French, German and Japanese, and to learn languages that are completelyContinue reading “#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 59: Latin”

#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 58: Cookbook

I like reading cookbooks. Not just for the recipes or the inspiration but often, depending on the author, for the prose. And one of my favourite cookery writers is Nigel Slater. Knowing this, my husband got me Nigel’s “cold weather vegetarian” cookbook. Beautiful writing as always. Gorgeous photos. And quite a lot of inspiration toContinue reading “#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 58: Cookbook”