2020 Semi-Resolutions

My son came down with a very bad cold (or it is the a mild case of the flu? Can’t tell for sure) yesterday, and I woke up this morning with it. Not the best start to the New Year. I really don’t feel well at all. But at least I’m wrapped up in bed, with a hot cup of tea and a nice view out the window. Gotta appreciate the little things.

And that’s my main plan this year: to practice self care, and appreciate the little things I can do for myself. A cup of tea, a good book, a movie, a chat with friends. It all adds up.

I aim to write them down in my Bullet Journal every day. Not so much a “Gratitude Log”, as I find those can feel rather fake and forced at times. But rather just a quick note of something nice I did for myself. Even if that something is just taking the time to sit and think for a minute.

I’ve all sorts of other plans too. Plans for tidying and decluttering, for blog posts, for expanding my culinary skills. For doing things with my family. For having fun.

But they’re very loose and flexible and relaxed, as all good plans should be. So I hesitate to call them Resolutions. That word is also associated in my mind with things that are fake and forced. Maybe I’ll call them semi-Resolutions? Either way, my plan right now is to publish this and then have a nap. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.


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