Catatonia, Shutdown, Breakdown, Burnout.

Though these four terms don’t mean exactly the same things, they really have become synonymous in my mind. So many overlaps, degrees, intersections. Feedback loops.

Really not a good state to be in. Can lead to really dark places.

And not really talked about enough.

Autistic people in these states need help. One to one help. Individualised support. Practical strategies that might actually help.

Unfortunately, instead of help, they often get dismissed. Called lazy and manipulating. Ignored.

It really is such an under-reported topic. Needs a lot of funding and research to find ways to help people in these states. Needs people who are caring and compassionate. Needs understanding. And patience.

I really hope more people start taking about, writing about, and researching these topics. Because it can literally be a matter of life and death for some of us.

Catatonia. Shutdown. Breakdown. Burnout.

Call it what you will. It sucks.


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