Welcome to my world.

I’ve realised that this whole coronavirus thing hasn’t effected my life as much as it has others. Obviously with some people their lives have been changed forever and I don’t want to make light of that. But a lot of others are freaking out right now at the terrible ordeal they are facing. And to be honest I’ve been living that life for so long now that I’m an expert!

Have to work from home? My husband has been doing that for eleven years now. With dedicated home office, conference calls, rules for the kids not to disturb him, eating lunch at home etc.

No longer have a job? Technically my husband is currently in between contracts and has been for a few months. And even when he’s in work there’s always the fear of what happens when his contact runs out. And I haven’t worked in thirteen years. So again we live with financial insecurity all the time. Plus all the “perks” of self-employment such as no sick pay or work-related pension.

Kids off school? Our kids haven’t been to school in two years. So again, the schools closing is not impacting us at all.

Getting groceries delivered? Been doing that for over thirteen years. Only difference now is I probably won’t feel obliged to make small talk with the delivery men.

Avoiding grandparents? Both my dad and father-in-law are dead so only grannies to visit. And my kids haven’t seen my mom in two years and no plans to see her as we’re not on the best of terms. And the kids don’t see my mother-in-law too often either. So no change there.

Limiting social contact? Apart from our weekly D&D session, where three autistic friends come by, I really don’t socialise much. I’ve had to cancel that but might maybe do it via Skype. Also the monthly Autistic meet-up is cancelled but again we can still keep in touch online. My husband does meet a couple of friends to watch the football on occasion, but they can still chat on WhatsApp. He also has a weekly bass lesson that has been cancelled but his tutor is thinking of providing online lessons instead. So, a little bit of disruption but not much.

I don’t want to make light of the disruption in other people’s lives. But I think it’s interesting that the life I normally lead is seen as almost a penance by some. An extreme hardship to be endured for the good of humanity.

That makes me sad. Because, really, it’s not a bad life. It’s just a different pace, a different way of doing things. And I actually like it a lot! Maybe after a stint of living like this, people will adapt and like it too!

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