Enough with the toilet paper memes.

I know people buying up every roll of toilet paper in the shops is ridiculous. But I’m getting really annoyed at memes going round saying that diarrhoea isn’t a symptom of CoVid19.

As can be seen here , diarrhoea actually occurred in 29% of patients in one study based in Hubei. More concerning is that those patients who reported diarrhoea also took longer to recover and had more serious symptoms in general.

Saying diarrhoea isn’t a symptom is very dangerous. People who have it along with other symptoms might not put themselves forward for testing, thinking they must have something else as “diarrhoea isn’t a symptom”. With Corvid 19, as with most other illnesses, the sooner you get treated, the better the outcome. It really is a race against time.

Plus the sooner you know you have it, the sooner you can ensure you don’t spread it to others. And there have been studies showing it can spread via faeces . So, yeah, a good stock of toilet roll, plus plenty of hand washing, is vital.

Just maybe don’t buy 200 rolls of it!

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