Mother’s Day

I had a completely different post in mind when I first thought about Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. The world has changed so much since then. I was going to write about how sad I was that my relationship with my mother is now pretty much non-existent. Right now she won’t even answer my texts enquiring how she’s coping with things during this coronavirus pandemic. Yet I still can’t bring myself to phone her.

Instead, I think I’ll write about how grateful I am this Mother’s Day. I’m sitting in my pyjamas, watching my kids play Animal Crossing on the Switch. I may join them soon when I finish my coffee.

Life is good right now. It’s like the quiet before the storm. We have food, shelter, water, electricity, WiFi…and each other.

I don’t want to spoil today by writing about upsetting things. I’ll leave those posts for another day! Today is for appreciating being a mother and being kind to myself. So I’m going to leave it at that for now.

Image of a patch of roses of a reddish-pinkish-orangish roses. Ok, I’ve no idea how to describe this colour. Roses are my favourite flowers!


  1. I totally understand you. I don’t have a good relationship with my mother either and not being a mother myself, I hardly have a reason to celebrate mother’s day (which is in May here anyway). However, since the world has changed so much over the past few weeks, let’s focus on what we do have.


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