Are the world’s children really now being homeschooled?

With the CoVID 19 pandemic, a lot of governments have taken the decision to close schools. And probably the majority of them will follow over time. The children (776.7 million of them) are now at home, and I’ve been informed by a newsreader on Irish tv that “homeschooling is the new norm”. But is that really true?

Different schools, and even different teachers within schools, have approached things in different ways. Some are providing online classes via platforms such as Zoom. Some are utilising online learning tools for subjects like math. Some are emailing children work to do. Others have sent the kids home with “school packs” to keep them busy. All have at the very minimum made the kids bring home all their textbooks to complete. Some have told the kids to do what they can, when they can. Others have to kids to log in at specific times and keep to the school schedule.

This is not homeschooling.

It’s not the online classes, the schedule, the textbooks, the curriculum etc that’s the problem. Many homeschooling kids have all of these things.

The problem is that WHAT the kids learn, and WHEN and HOW are all being dictated by the schools. Instead of by the kids and/or their parents. This is “school at home” or “school in a different physical setting to usual.”

Schools are still very much calling the shots. And that really is muddying the waters. The number of homeschoolers is still only around 2% of the world’s children at most. And homeschooling is definitely not “the new normal”.


  1. I was talking to my therapist about this. I know what im doing is not homeschooling. And i was concerned about how they are going to digest and evaluate kids. Maybe this new norm of “school done at home” will help people see that forced learning and structure isn’t always the best.

    And my kid is 4 in august, so we’re just crafting and playing. Glad i have copious amounts of craft supplies as a special interest ☺️

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  2. I don’t like the term homeschooling – for me the whole point was not to have “school” at home as the school bit was the problem. Home education is a better term and covers all modes of learning.
    The other cynical observation here is that all the content suddenly coming up with advice is just to produce something “relevant”.
    Maybe some parents are going to realise their children are a lot happier and learning fine outside of school and take them out, but I suspect most just want to send them back.

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