The world doesn’t stop. (CW fatal dog attack)

Well, here we are. Much of the world in various stages of lockdown due to CoVID 19. Jobs, incomes, lives, put on hold. Everyone just holding their breath, hoping we can ride it out until there’s a vaccine.

But despite all that, we still have all our usual shit to contend with.

The world doesn’t stop just because we do.

People with chronic illnesses still have their usual pain to deal with. In fact, my pain is decidedly worse these days, as stress amplifies it so much. I really wish I could get a break from it for the duration of this pandemic. I know people with other health conditions similarly suffering right now.

To make it worse, access to healthcare is becoming an issue as CoVid patients are prioritised. I’ve a neurology appointment in the hospital next week. I’ve been waiting two years for it. I have no doubt now that it’s going to be cancelled. I wish my pain would be similarly cancelled.

My heart goes out to all those with other shit to deal with on top of “CoVID stress”. Those in refugee camps, those experiencing domestic violence, those in traffic accidents, the parents of the little boy in Dublin mauled to death by dogs last week. All the usual doom and gloom doesn’t stop just because the shops are closed.

Now, more than ever, we need people to care about those in need. We need to help each other. We need to pull together.

Hopefully we will.

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