Waiting. Again.

Exactly a year ago tomorrow, I made a five hour return day trip to see a new neurologist. She had been recommended to me by my uncle, who is an ophthalmologist and a colleague of hers. I had already tried a neurologist closer to home, who turned out to be an ignorant pig. And so I paid over my €170 and explained my situation.

She said I was a “very complicated case”. She said she was going to a conference the following week and would chat to her colleagues about me. She said she’d get back to me with a plan.

I am still waiting.

My GP phoned her and Emailed her and never got a reply. There is no plan.

My GP had already referred me to the public neurology clinic at my local hospital two years previously. So at least I still had that option. And I was finally given an appointment. For yesterday.

I had heard that outpatient appointments at the hospital were postponed due to Covid 19. And that patients would be notified if that was the case for them. I never got any notification. So I was forced to phone them to double check.

“Did you not get a text message?”


“Are you sure it was this hospital?”

I’m looking at the appointment letter in front of me.

“Oh yes, I have you here. I see you were referred in 2017. That clinic is deferred until further notice. I don’t know why you weren’t sent a text. We’ll let you know when it’s been rescheduled.”

And just like that I’m waiting again.

Who knows when they’ll see me. Fingers crossed I actually get told about it. I have no faith in the system. And no faith that any neurologist will be able to help me anyway.

I’m a “complex case”. Which just sounds like code for “beyond help”. And all I can to do is wait and cope as best as I can.

Which is not very well at all these days.

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