#myEDSchallenge Day1: Meet Me!

So, the EDS Society have started a social media challenge for the month of May, which is EDS Awareness Month. I’m not into taking photos much so I’m putting my own spin on it by writing daily blog posts instead. I find challenges like these great for making sure I write something for me blog every day, without having to think about what topic to write. Keeps me motivated, something I’m struggling with these days. So…here goes…

Meet Me!

I’m Melissa.

I’m Autistic.

I’m a Zebra (have EDS). Hence I’m an Autistic Zebra!

I’m both Irish and Turkish. I was born in turkey but moved to Ireland when I was 3. I’m now 43.

I’m a mom to two autistic kids.

I’m gender fluid, mostly non-binary. My pronouns are she/her or they/them.

I’m a botanist by education but haven’t worked in 12 years.

I like to write much more than I like to talk. Writing brings me joy and so do nice comments from my readers. (Hint hint!)

I hope to keep up with this challenge but also write other stuff too.

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