#myEDSchallenge Day 10: Adaptations I Have Made

I guess the biggest adaptation I have made has been to give up working. I last worked in a paid job just before my eldest child was born over 13 years ago. I wasn’t diagnosed with EDS at that stage but it was abundantly clear I wasn’t able to keep on working.

Another accommodation I’ve made is limiting my social life. Especially at night. No more standing up in crowded pubs pretending to enjoy myself. Now if I do go out at night, it’s carefully chosen and planned out to be as comfortable and manageable as possible. If I go to a concert I now try to book disabled seating if I can. And if I go to the cinema, I choose the one with reclining seats. I have replaced quantity with quality.

I’m not sure what other accommodations I have made. That’s all I can think of for now.

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