Nintendo Ring Fit

Since the pool we go to closed in March, and since our daily walks became more limited, the kids and I haven’t gotten much exercise. And recently we all became more aware of how unfit we’d become and wanted to do something about it.

Enter the Ring Fit. A bit pricey but so much cheaper than gym membership. We had the Wii Fit back in the day but haven’t used it in years. It was just too much hassle plugging in the Wii, making sure the Balance Board and Wii controllers had batteries etc etc. I much prefer just using the Switch. And now I can!

It only arrived two days ago so it’s early days yet. But already it’s a hit. And achieving what we wanted it to achieve. We are all doing a little bit more exercise, but not so much they we’re overdoing it.

The Minigames and Music modes are great. And you can make custom sets of exercises to suit your requirements. There’s also the Adventure mode. Which is a bit of a cringe-worthy RPG (Role Playing Game) aimed at younger kids. But somehow also a lot of fun and a great way to “stealth” exercise. And importantly it incorporates both a warm up and a cool down.

All in all I’m very happy with my purchase! And it reconfirmed my belief that no matter what “subject” (PE in this case?) you want to engage your kids with, there’s a video game that will help!

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