Actually I Would Like to Cure my Neurology

Don’t worry, I don’t mean what you think I mean! I’m not talking about my brain, my being Autistic. Not that Neurology.

The neurology I’m talking about is the stuff I’m waiting to see a Neurologist about. “Neuro” being used for nerves as well as brains. And this particular aspect of neurology translating into constant excruciating pain in my hands and feet.

The Social Modal of Disability tells us that disability arises from society and lack of accommodations and is not inherent to the person. Which is certainly true for how being Autistic in a Neurotypical world disables me.

But my neuralgia is not caused by society. It really and truly is caused by my body being broken, and so the Medical Modal fits better in this instance. Or at least that’s how I see it. And I would love nothing better than to fix it.

More and more, I’m seeing people describe an Integrated or Holistic Modal of Disability. Taking parts of both the Social and Medical Modals to explain their lived experience.

I love my Autistic Neurology, and wouldn’t change it for the world. But my Neuropathic Neurology? I really could do with a cure for that.

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