#30DaysAntiABA: CripCamp and the Fight Against ABA

I had a rough day today. Seemed like wherever I turned, I was met with ableism and anti-autistic ideologies. And “eliminating autism” aka eugenics being seen as a perfectly acceptable thing. I was ready to give up with my AntiABA campaign. Call it a day. Because I didn’t see the point as nothing seems to be enough and the ABA Industrial Complex is just too powerful.

But then I sat down and watched CripCamp with my family. It’s a documentary that tells the story of the Disability Rights Activists who helped the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) get passed in the US. Disabled people who literally crawled up the steps of Congress to get heard. Who went on hunger strike and got arrested for protesting. Who are still getting arrested for protesting.

And I was inspired. Not in an “inspirational porn” kind of way, the way non-disabled people get inspired by disabled people. But in an “I can’t give up now” kind of way. Because those people didn’t give up. They persevered against the greatest odds.

And so I can’t give up. I can and will never give up until ABA is banned worldwide. Because human rights abuses must be fought, even when faced with the greatest obstacles. We will persevere because we must.

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