#30DaysAntiABA: Who Joined me?

This is the last post of my #30DaysAntiABA campaign. To say I’m tired is an understatement. Things didn’t quite go as I’d planned.

I thought up this campaign in a flash of inspiration. Yes, there wasn’t much notice or time to plan. But there was a cause dear to my heart and dear to the hearts of others. So I put out the call and expected people to join me.

A few did. Very few. Apart from Rory McCarthy, all those who wrote guest posts were dear friends, all based in Ireland. I’m grateful Rory joined us from New Zealand, but where were all the other voices?

A few people said they were interested but vanished when I told them to contact me for details. Others signed up , only to pull out as the material was too upsetting or they were too busy. At least they tried.

I thought I could write a post with tweets from people all over the world. That shouldn’t have been too much trouble for people, right? Just one tweet. The response was lacklustre. Perhaps I just don’t have the reach. I decided not to go ahead with that post as I got less than a handful of responses.

At one point, a friend told me that I had been accused of being a “lone Wolf” for doing this campaign. That I should have taken part in an organised campaign. Maybe that was the problem. But surely there’s room for more than one campaign. Surely those folks should have joined with me in mine, to give theirs added reach. They could have written a guest post about their campaign instead of criticising mine.

I’ve decided I’m going to take a bit of a break. I’m tired. Tired of screaming into the void. Tired of being a lone wolf. Tired of sticking my finger in the dam. Tired of fighting the Hydra.

Hopefully I’ll return to normal service soon.

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