#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 6: Emma Dalmayne

Emma is an autistic mum to autistic kids and is also a very active campaigner for autistic rights. She is the CEO of Autistic Inclusive Meets, which is a fantastic organisation based in the U.K. They organise activities and meet-up for autistic people of all ages and abilities and are a great resource. She alsoContinue reading “#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 6: Emma Dalmayne”

#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 5: Henny Kupferstein PhD

Dr. Henny Kupferstein is an autistic autism researcher and psychologist. Henny is trained in music therapy, and has developed an evidence-based program for piano students with dyspraxia to be successful at note-reading for the instrument. Her research study published in 2018 found that autistic people who have experienced ABA also have very high severity ofContinue reading “#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 5: Henny Kupferstein PhD”

#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 4: Stiofán MacAmhalghaidh

Stiofán (aka Maqqi) is a truly wonderful human being and friend. I first heard them speak at the 2019 AuSome Conference. I wrote about their talk here. They have a new blog called Infinite Diversity and it contains much wisdom. They have also come up with The Munster Model of Autism. I attended a worshipContinue reading “#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 4: Stiofán MacAmhalghaidh”

#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 3: Evaleen Whelton

Evaleen is the person behind AuSome Ireland and it’s annual AuSome Conference, which unfortunately has been postponed due to covid 19. But she has so much more going on. She teaches children and adults about autistic life. And doesn’t put up with any nonsense from ignorant people when it comes to fighting for autistic humanContinue reading “#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 3: Evaleen Whelton”

#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 2: Dean Beadle

I had the pleasure of seeing Dean Beadle, in the flesh, at last year’s AuSome conference. I wrote about it here. He is a very talented speaker and performer and is often to be found On tour around the U.K. and worldwide. Right now his Facebook page is providing me with much-needed comic relief andContinue reading “#ElevateAutisticVoices Day 2: Dean Beadle”