Back to School 

Back to school. Those three little words fill me with dread each year. Without going into detail, I’ll just say that my children’s (particularly my daughter’s) experience of school mirror my own. That, combined with the early starts, which none of us are good at, lead to a sense of dread in our household asContinue reading “Back to School “

Incognito Austistic… getting a haircut. 

I went to the hairdressers today. First time in three years. It was time for my daughter’s bi-monthly trim, so we made a girlie mother-daughter date of it. When the hairdresser heard how much I wanted cut off, she sounded surprised. Kept asking if I was sure. Yes, yes I was. My hair wasn’t longContinue reading “Incognito Austistic… getting a haircut. “

Incognito Autistic… at the Galway International Arts Festival. Part 1: Insects

Every year, Galway holds an Arts Festival for two weeks in July. And every year I try to go to at least one event. For the last few years, the free family-friendly outdoor spectacle has occurred at night. And put off by the inevitable crowds, especially the drunken crowds associated with Galway by night, IContinue reading “Incognito Autistic… at the Galway International Arts Festival. Part 1: Insects”

Incognito Autistic…at Sports Day

So, my daughter had Sports Day today. And it sparked many thoughts and feelings and memories. I used to hate Sports Day. The mere thought of its approach filled me with dread. I hated the break in routine, the noise, the general chaos, and the other kids. And I hated the physicality of it. ItContinue reading “Incognito Autistic…at Sports Day”

Autistic Pride Day: Pride not Puzzles

Today, June 18th, is Autistic Pride Day. And while I’m proud to be autistic, today and everyday, today I am also raging mad. Curious to see how others were expressing their pride, I went onto Twitter and checked out #AutisticPrideDay. And there, amongst the expressions of pride, self-love and solidarity, I found images of …Continue reading “Autistic Pride Day: Pride not Puzzles”