Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

That really is the most important concept in all of science. And in all writing and reporting on scientific studies. So many people keep going wrong because they forget (or don’t know or think or care about) that one concept. It really should be in the front of everyone’s minds. I’m sure I don’t needContinue reading “Correlation Does Not Imply Causation”

Casual anti-Autistic bias.

Part of my recent stress is the realisation of the amount of anti-autistic bias that exists in the world. And it’s the main reason I’ve left Facebook and no longer read any newspaper articles etc that mention autism in the headlines. But that doesn’t mean I’ve been able to avoid all anti-autistic content. In fact,Continue reading “Casual anti-Autistic bias.”

#myEDSchallenge Day 11: My Happy Place

My bed is my happy place. Or, rather, the view from it. Never fails to cheer me up, especially when the water in the canal sparkles, as it did this morning. And, more generally, my home is my happy place. And my garden. Reminds me every day how lucky and privileged I am. Especially duringContinue reading “#myEDSchallenge Day 11: My Happy Place”