#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 39: Advent Calendar

I bought my son an empty, cloth, advent calendar in Tiger at the end of November. He has been out shopping with his dad to buy secret gifts to put into it a few times since. Presents he knows me and his sister will like. Presents for us all to share. But he’s very carefulContinue reading “#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 39: Advent Calendar”

#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 38: Christmas Tree

So today we put up the Christmas tree. Well, I put it up and put the lights on and the kids decorated it. It may seem like a random and haphazard placing of decorations, but it actually tells a story they made up, of corruption and coups, racism and slavery, social intrigues and adultery. TellContinue reading “#61DaysOfSelfCare: Day 38: Christmas Tree”